HowTo an FAQ about the textpattern shopping cart plugin yab_shop

This FAQ is outdated. You can use it for general questions. For specific questions please use the plugin help!

Due some maybe unclear plugin help or the lack of documentation of yab_shop I want to introduce the basic functionality of the plugin with a guide how to set up a simple shop and a — hopefully useful — FAQ section. I will try to continue this page with some information that are useful, so it’s not complete this time. If you have useful guides or information on how to set up this or that scenario, feel free to contact me or use the comments below, so I can complete this page, bit by bit.

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Some requirements of using yab_shop

  1. an installed and working textpattern cms on you webhosting
  2. some knowledge of textpattern tags <txp:... />
  3. some knowledge of how textpattern manage a site structure (mean section, pages, forms, articles etc.)
  4. knowledge of how to install textpattern plugins

Setting up a simple shop (with yab_shop v0.7.0 and above)

Step 1
Download the plugin yab_shop.

Step 2
Install and activate the yab_shop_core, yab_shop_admin and yab_shop_third_party.

Step 3
Go Presentation->Pages and create a page called checkout and place <txp:yab_shop_checkout /> as content.

Step 4
Go Presentation->Sections and create a section called checkout with using the page checkout.

Step 5
Go Presentation->Pages and add the tag <txp:yab_shop_cart /> in all sections which will include your product articles and in section page checkout. In doubt place it in every section page. This tag will output a little cart, so it will be useful to place in a sidebar.

Step 6
Go Presentation->Forms and add in your article form (maybe default) the tags <txp:yab_shop_price /> and <txp:yab_shop_add />. So maybe it looks like this:

<h3><txp:title /></h3>
<p>Price: <txp:yab_shop_price /></p>
<txp:yab_shop_add />
<txp:body />

Step 7
Create an »Thank-You-Article« or Page. This will be showed after an successful shop order.

Step 8
Go Admin->Preferences->Advanced and set up Custom Field with Price.

Step 9
Go to Extensions->Yab_Shop common preferences and edit the configuration with the following:

»Name of the checkout section«: checkout
»Checkout thank-you-site (Full URI)«: http://domain.tld/thanks/thank-you
»Name of the custom field price«: Price
»Admin Mail (Receives the orders)«: your email address

The other entries can be edited on your own. See the plugin help of yab_shop_admin for details!

Step 10
Go Content->Write and create your first product! The section doesn’t matter. You can arrange your products in many sections if needed, it only shouldn’t be the checkout section. The price for the product can be added in your created custom field.

Now you can add more and more products and — hopefully — make some money.


Can you implement this or that feature?
Feel free to ask in the forum thread for this plugin. Some features are very special so probably they will never be impemented. I want yab_shop as light, flexible and efficient as textpattern is. For some other features maybe another plugin will work (in conjunction with yab_shop).

Can you help me with setting up the shop or with a feature I want to implemented?
Due yab_shop is a hobby project my time is limited, but I’m trying to help if I can.

I discovered a bug in your yab_shop, what should I do?.
Please contact me here or in the forum thread. I’m always interested in bugfixing and open for suggestions.

Will there be an admin interface?
Yes, it’s planned.

Can I set up yab_shop with credit card payments?
No. There are too many solutions for different countries and companies. Maybe one or two will be impleneted sometimes.

yab_shop doesn’t support my currency. Can you include this?
Tell me your country and currency (use the forum thread, please) so I can add these to the supported currencies.

The cart will only be updated with added products after a page reload. What’s wrong?
Go Admin->Preferences->Advanced and set Send "Last-Modified" header? to »No«.

Your English is crappy!
Yep! You’re right. Feel free to correct sentences, would be nice.

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