Debian Wine 5.0.2

Debian WineHuch!

Wine 5.0.2? Jawollja.
Ein 2008er Tempranillo aus Spanien ökologisch angebaut.

Aus der Produktbeschreibung:

What is Debian?

Debian 5.0.2 is a free minded wine made from Tempranillo grapes in Extremadura, Spain. This vintage was pressed in 2008 following an ecological policy using traditional centuries-old methods.
You might also know Debian as an operating system for computers. In case you don’t, an operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian is everywhere, and soon it will also be inside your glass. Enjoy!

Why wine?

Wine, while not being completely free, is a tasty and universal beverage. It is enjoyed around the world at all sorts of occasions and has been known for centuries in many cultures as well as on IRC.

Getting started

1. Gather a group of Debian wine lovers.
2 Open the bottle, share the wine, share the software and if you’re drunk enough, run for DPL!
3. Profit.

Please report bugs and success stories to Best served at 18°C Рkeep away from flamewars!

Der Wein kann über das Cafe Libertad bezogen werden.